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Losing Chess, often also called Giveaway Chess or Suicide Chess is a chess variant where the goal is to "lose", i.e. to be left without pieces or moves. Losing Chess is getting more and more popular, many players discover the beauty and the deepness of this wonderful game!
The rules of Losing Chess
Rules of the game. Several Losing Chess variants.
Losing Chess strategy and theory
Losing Chess has very profound strategical concepts. Basic ideas are explained.
Problems & studies
Best Losing Chess problems and endgame studies from 1901 to nowadays!
Annotated games
Very instructive and beautiful games, well annotated, with diagrams.
Chess servers supporting Losing Chess
Chess servers where you can also play Losing Chess:
Best players
Top twenty Losing Chess players and programs from the FICS.
Events and history
Tournaments, meetings, congresses etc.
Books and periodicals
Paper sources with Losing Chess mentioned. (Only this link yet.)
AISE, NOST, and other organizations where you can play Losing Chess (correspondence).
Losing Chess software
Programs playing Losing Chess:
Related Links
Links to more or less Losing Chess related sites:
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  • Vincent's suicide chess problems
  • WWW - Robberchess Play Losing Chess on-line against a computer on 6x6 board.
  • See also Losing Chess rules for some links to Losing Chess variants.
  • Miscellaneous
    Some more info on Losing Chess:

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