Losing Chess Events and History

Planned events
Current and regular events
Past and historical events

Planned events

  • Sep 12-13, 1998

  • International Losing Chess meeting

    Geneva, Switzerland

    September 12-13, 1998 
    The highlights

    Simultaneous display of Losing Chess

    by two of the strongest players in the world!
    Joost Beltman (NL, FICS-ELO 2400)
    Vincent Geerlings (NL, FICS-ELO 2350)
    Joining is free, but restricted to 40 participants by order of entering.
    Each winner will receive a copy of Stanislav Goldovski’s Losing Chess Wizard,
    one of the best Losing Chess programs at the moment.

    Open tournament of Losing Chess

    1st prize: CHF 200.-
    2nd prize: CHF 150.-
    3rd prize: CHF 100.-
    7 rounds, Swiss system
    Time control: 15min/game, per player
    Entry fee: CHF 20.- , free for juniors and players rated over 2000
    on FICS Suicide Chess rating list

    The schedule

      Saturday, September 12 
      • From 10.30 AM on : Greeting of participants, welcome drinks. 
      • 2 PM : Simultaneous display by Joost Beltman and Vincent Geerlings. 
      • 8.30 PM : Computer match / human vs computer contest. 

      Sunday, September 13 
      • 11 AM : Session of short talks. 
      • 2 PM : Open 15-minutes games tournament (1st prize : CHF 200.-) 
      • 7.30 PM : Closing dinner. 


    Organization and place

     The meeting is organized and sponsored by: 

     FM Fabrice Liardet, 
     11, rue F. Durafour, 1220 Avanchet (Switzerland) 
     e-mail: fliardet@infomaniak.ch

     and will take place at: 

     Echecs-Club Bois-Gentil 
     Club des Aînés « Les Cèdres » 
     9, rue du Grand-Pré, Genève, 

  • Aug-Sep 1998
  • Suicide Chess is planned to come to ICC!

    Current and regular events

  • FICS, Fridays, 12pm server time
  • Open Losing Chess tournament, 4-round swiss system, 15min/game.
    Always with top LC players!
    What day and time would be best for YOU?
    Please give us your best and second best choices - click here!

    Past and historical events

    The following list is a very incomplete attempt to describe the Losing Chess history. Most of historical information (with the exception of last years, which I could describe only from my own experience) is taken from the Roberto Cassano Vinciperdi page, written in Italian. I would appreciate it very much, if someone could contribute to this list any further information on the game history.
  • 1876
  • Losing Chess first mentioned in a written source!
    According to Boyer, the game was played 1876 in England, but probably has a greater
  • 1930s
  • The game is popular in Moscow, Russia.
  • 1950s
  • Losing Chess is reported to have some popularity in Germany.
  • 1971
  • AISE (Italy) organizes first correspondence Vinciperdi championship.
    The championships become a regular biennial event.
  • 1971-1996
  • ? (I could find nothing yet for this period)
  • Sep 1996 - Feb 1997
  • Giveaway Chess E-Mail (GEM) contest, organized by W.Taylor and me.
    This 12-player amateur tourney was won by Laurent Bartholdi.
    Tournament flyer, final round games.
  • April 3, 1997
  • FICS implements Losing Chess(Suicide) code!
    The server becomes the most active Losing Chess play & chat arena.
  • June 21-22, 1997
  • First informal Losing Chess congress!
    Four enthusiastic players from FICS - 'Caturman', 'Joost', 'Kraai', and I meet in
    Cologne(Germany) for a weekend to become friends, to analyze, and to play Losing Chess!
    Here are the congress pictures. :)
  • August 1997
  • John Beasley starts collecting material on Losing Chess studies and problems.
  • October 1997
  • I start creating these pages. :)


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