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  Check Checkmate Goal

Check Checkmate Goal

03.09.2009 /   Andrejic, Vladica (2213)

This report from First Serbia League 2009 in Kragujevac is based on photos taken by Josip Asik.

03.09.2009 The First Serbia League in Kragujevac has very interesting nonchess activities.


At the beginning Drazic "slaughters" a water-melon and said: "Let's play football".

Asik, Drazic, Nestorovic, Cvetkovic

The match scheduled at 23h near the hotel Sumarice.

Sedlak, Radojevic, Saric, Berkesh, Halkias; Mihalj, Nadj, Ostojic

The rest of the Chess World. Up: Sedlak (2571), Radojevic (2014), Saric (2418), Berkes (2663), Halkias (2570). Down: MIhalj (2297), Nadj Hedjesi (2454), Ostojic (2412). Radojevic played for Politika because of his small rating which preserve two categories for team roster. Solak (2583) played in the Rest of the World, too. Average rating is 2496, which gives a strong 10th FIDE category.

Drazic, Nestorovic, Cvetkovic; Andrejic, Bologan, Asik

Team in the red is team of chess club Politika. Up: Drazic (2518), Dejan Nestorovic (2434), Tomislav Cvetkovic. Down: Andrejic (2213), Bologan (2688), Asik (2363). For Politika also played Radojevic (2014), Ivan Sarenac (2353) and David Sarenac (2201). Modest average 2347, 6 categories lower then the opponent.

Everything is ready for the beginning.

Nikola Sedlak

Nikola Sedlak as a goalkeeper.

The final result was 8:5 for the Politika team. Your webmaster achieve only four goals, mostly because players above 2500 don't like to assist to player under 2300. :)